We meet for one hour, four times a year, and each member brings a check for $100.

– Every member can nominate local charities, non-profits, or worthy causes. 
– Members who come to the meeting can put the name of the charity they want to speak about into the hat. 
– Three names are drawn at random at each meeting. 
– Three members make a 5-minute presentation advocating for their drawn cause. 
– We all vote on which cause to support. 

The top vote-getting charity then receives all the checks, made out to the charity on the spot!

On each of four nights during the year, these 100 Women Who Care give up to $10,000 to a local charity, non-profit, or worthy cause, right here in the greater Olympia community. It’s fast, simple, and amazingly effective. We invite you to attend any time as a guest to see how it works and decide if the group is right for you. 

Meeting times

We will be meeting from 6:00 – 7:00 PM on:

– Wednesday, February 17, 2021

– Wednesday, May 19, 2021

– Wednesday, August 18, 2021

– Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Due to Covid, we will be meeting via Zoom. Sign up below for access to future meetings. 

Past Donations

See all of the great ways our group of women has changed Olympia for the better.

Stonewall Youth is a youth-led organization that empowers LGBTQ+ youth to speak for themselves, support each other, and work for social justice. ($7,700 donated on 2/19/2021)
Homeless students in Thurston county receive free meals while at school, but Homeless Backpacks keeps them from going hungry during the weekend. ($6,600 donated on 11/18/2020)
R.O.O.F. provides resources and services to children, youth and families. They help provide a healthy, positive, drug-free community. ($5,600 donated on 8/19/2020)
The Thurston food bank’s goal is to eliminate hunger within our community, in the spirit of neighbor helping neighbor. ($8,500 donated on 5/20/2020)
The ranch offers adaptive riding and hippotherapy to children and adults with disabilities or special needs. ($6,500 donated on 2/19/2020)
The mission offers a free vision and dental clinic as well as providing overnight shelter and meals to our community. ($3,500 donated on 11/20/2019)

Spread the word with fashion

100 Women Who Care has high quality merchandise designed by a local artist. By wearing the merchandise, you can help spread the word about what we do, while staying chic!


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